Trip to Monterey & Carmel

Alright folks, my last few days in the US of A (in this trip) are here. My plan to make the best possbile use of these 3 days (the Thanksgiving weekend) was originally to head to the Grand Canyon or maybe even Los Angeles. But the Airfares were just too expensive and I settled for other things.

The plan is like this:

24 Nov – Monterey & Carmel

25 Nov – San Francisco day tour & Alcatraz

26 Nov – Yosemite day tour

27 Nov – SFO to Changi

So, on the evening of 23 rd I told my goodbyes to the folks at the eBay office and got picked up by Varma. Dinner at his place. We headed out the next day morning to the South.

First stop was Point Lobos State Reserve. A state park by the Pacific ocean with Monterey Cypress & Pine tress and lots of birds . We did a few hikes around Point Lobos and managed quite few shots too.

Since I had a desire to head down to Big Sur (or atleast drive on the famous highway by the sea), that is exactly what we did. A very scenic drive along the ocean. We did this for about 30 odd minutes before we headed back.

Carmel was the next desitnation for Lunch. Pizza at an Italian joint called Nico’s. Carmel by the Sea is a quaint town where one can find lots of Aged tourists and the place is apparently well known for its Art galleries. At point of time it was an Artist’s village but now ofcourse all the artists are out of it because the real estate is rather expensive.

From Carmel we then hit the 17 mile drive. A very scenic route, embellished by a few Golf courses (Pebble Beach where the US Open is played is here) and part of the drive is along the Ocean. One of the highlights is the Lone Cypress tree which is apparently around 200 + years old and stand alone by the Ocean. A very good photo-op.

From here we headed on the road to Monterey, though we didn’t quite have the time to go to the Aquarium there and thereon to Salinas. Salinas is apparently famous for the Steinbeck house, though I wanted to see the place because of the reference to place in the song ‘Me & Bobby McGee‘. A very quaint town. The route from here to San Jose passed through what I hear is the Argicultural heartland of California. Large speard farms, though there is no cultivation happening now, possible winter is not quite the right season for it.

Dinner again at Varma’s place and finally at close to 10 in the night got dropped by him to my Hotel in San Francisco.

Filangy - Test drive

Filangy is a newish kid on the block that gives you fancy value-adds to you browsing behaviour by indexing all the URLs you browse and then letting you search only through them (sort of like a Google search on your History URLs as well as the contents of the same). You can also save Pages as WebMarks which gives them a better personal score when it comes to search. They also have an option wherein you can import your links and ask Filangy to index them for you for future searches.

While the Filangy team assures you of your privacy, the verdict is still out.

This is an Invite only service (man ! aren’t we people getting tired of this!) - so if you think you’d like to take this one on a test drive then drop a comment (with your email id) and I’ll zip across one of my 5 available invites to you.