Paid Wi-Fi at SFO … lame!

Yesterday I was trying to get online at the San Francisco International airport coz I had a few hours in hand to burn and there was hardly anything in the airport to browse around and window shop. I had got reasonably early to the airport since I had heard horror stories about the traffic on the roads on the Thanksgiving weekend’s sunday and the crazy crowds in the airports on that day. Apparently amongst the busiest air traffic days of the year.

But maybe I was a bit too cautious or I was just plain lucky, I did not enounter either of these. Got the airport from the hotel in about 20 minutes time and the SFO Intl was reasonably empty, maybe the domestic terminal would have seen huge crowds. Anyways, got thru it unscathed.

So coming back to trying to get online at SFO, I fired up my laptop, found the T-Mobile SSID but only to find that the service was paid. An hour’s access at US $ 9.99 … nah ! just not worth that kinda of money. So I typed out my Yosemite tour blog posting and it is now saved in my latop, ready to be posted when I get my laptop back online (this post is from one of the free Interent terminals at Changi airport).

Hey Google, why dont you provide free Wi-Fi access at SFO soon ? Those T-Mobile guys need a lesson in pricing … and what better lesson than PHREEE !!!

Long time…

I guess there comes a time in every Bloggers life wherein he kinda gets bugged / bored of blogging, perhaps because there is nothing much to Blog about or just that life gets very very bust and there just aint enough time for blogging.

My case is the latter !

In anycase, since I blogged last a whole lotta stuff has happened in my life and also I guess in the world in general.

I visit Singapore and Japan for the Broadband World Forum Asia 2005 conference in Jun 05, got back and took a 3 week vacation to the United Kingdom (mmm … still get fond dreams about driving through Scotland mmm …) got back, quit my job and then joined eBay in India and now am getting ready to make another trip out of India to the United States.

Quite a lot of action I must say, but life is certainly getting a whole lot interesting in the new job and am loving it !!!