Missing Pictures

For all folks who have stopped by my PhotoBlog in the past couple of days and have found the pictures missing … well … yes ! heartbreaking but true, a mishap during a server upgrade resulted in this. JD did the best he can, but sadly the images were gone forever !

I am trying the best I can in getting the PhotoBlog back in action, dont know if I’d succeed or not. If I do, that’s cool, but if I dont, it really hurts to see over an year’s effort in maintaining the PhotoBlog go down like this.

Nevertheless, I would start again and continue Photo Blogging.

I am also looking at switching my PhotoBlog from Movable Type to WordPress. In case anyone knows of decent WP PhotoBlog templates please leave a comment.

On the Great American passion and other Outdoorsy things

It has been a real cool weekend for me I must say.

Started off with a friday evening at the Walmart store in Milpitas, CA. My brush with this BIG American passion – Shopping and Consumerism. A large layout store selling everything from Lingerie to Jeans to Household goods to Car stuff and sports goods. I was kind of unimpressed given my expectations because it was more or less similar in terms of experience to a Big Bazaar or a Hypermarket that you find back in India, but that ofcourse would be because the stores in India are perhaps modelled on the Walmart model.

Did my first bit of serious shopping on this trip there and picked up quite a few stuff. Prices were very reasonable, guess I got the reason why Walmart is a discount / low-price shopping paradise !

I liked the powered mini-carts that they have that people can use to go around the store, makes like convinient for senior citizens.

And then came Saturday, I was to hook with a Friend to go camping with him and his family. The full scale types, Pitch tents, sleep in sleeping bags, cook your own Breakfast kind of thing. But getting to San Francisco where I was supposed to get picked up was the tough part. Got delayed at lunch by another friend and then had to somehow scamper across to the Caltrain station and just about got in time in to the train when it left at 3 pm. Phew … THAT was close !

On the way to the campsite, I was fortunate enough to catch a set of very good shots of the Golden Gate bridge in all its nightime finery. The weather so clear and good that it was almost unbelievable that I has seen this thing in the morning 2 weeks ago all drenched in Fog.

So, we headed to the Samuel P Taylor state park which is at the foothills of MtTamal Pais in Marin County, CA and got there around 9ish in the night. Man, and it was getting COLD out there. By the time we set on our camp fire and pitched our tents it was around midnight. It was a rather cold and reasonably tough and sleepless night in the sleeping bag and I was up at 6.45 saying hello to a cold, cold morning with tempratures around 4 – 5 degree centigrade.

Breakfast was real nice (Pancakes with Bread and Omlette) and then we head out for a smallish hike along the creek, Made it back to San Jose in the evening around 6, but not before going through a hellish traffic jam leading into the Bay Bridge on the way into San Francisco. Man, this was real bad, the jam stretched easily upto a mile even though there were like 16 odd lanes on the Freeway. What a pain that was !