Google Desktop Search

Looks like for once Google has finally moved a service / product out of Beta. The Google Desktop Search page showcases GDS without the Beta tag.

And this time they seem to have got their Desktop search act in place with added support for Firefox history and Thunderbird mails (besides PDFs, Pictures, Movies and Music files.

I have long been a Google fan and immediately tried out their GDS beta when it was launched. While the concept is cool, I found that my PC gor real sllloooowwww because of GDS’s indexing and my Outlook used to hang quite a few times in a day.

Vexed by this, I switched to MSN Desktop Search and have been quiet happy with it (no great impact of system performance). I had also tried out Copernic Desktop search and this one too was slowing my Latop down besides causing unexpected hangs and crashes with Outlook.

My wishlist for a Desktop search engine would be an app that gives you the Browser based search interface of Google Desktop search with the performance of MSN Desktop search and the Client side UI / Usability of Copernic Desktop search.

Desktop Searches suck

Over the past couple of weeks I have had to try out 3 different Desktop Search tools : Google Desktop Search, MSN Desktop Search and Copernic Desktop Search.

Sadly, I found all 3 of them (the regular MSN Desktop search, the just out of beta GDS and the Copernic 1.5 beta) really slowing down my PC and causing my MS Outlook to crash randomly.

The only reason why I was forced to use these tools to was search through my mails and random crashes in Outlook (plus also terrible slowdowns in Thunderbird with GDS) made me uninstall all of them and resort to manual search & find thru tons of emails in Outlook.

Looks like there are more users out there who are facing exactly the same issues as I am, looking at the referring URLs & the Keywords that people have searched for before landing up oin this blog, I find the following : “copernic hang crash“, “google desktop hangs“, “google desktop performance“.