Back in Changi again

Here I am, having traveled almost half walf way across the world from San Francisco to Singapore. God, I have lost track of how long it has taken, how much & when I have eaten and whether I have slept enough thus far.

The flight stopped over at the Incheon airport in Seoul and then another 6 hour flight to Changi. The flight to Seoul was very very painful coz I was awake most of the time and was feeling very uncomfortable. I quite cant understand Singapore airlines’ logic of serving food at 10 pm SFO time before landing in Seoul.

Caught 2 good movies in-flight thought. Bewitched starring Nicole Kidman. She does look & act pretty well in the flick. A funny movie about a witch wanting to lead a normal life but ends up playing role of a witch in a TV show. Michael Caine plays a good part as Kidman’s father.

And then I saw Finding Forrester, the story of a African-American 16 year kid from Bronx New York who is not just good as Basketball but also at his Literary skills. A dare break in into a home finds him in contact with Sean Connery, a reclusive Author whose claim to fame is a bestselling book called Avalon landing. The rest of the movie is about how Connery gooms the young Jamal Wallace in his literary skills. Many parts of the movie reminds me of Al Pacino’s Scent of a Woman though.

So that brings me to Changi … have to wait for 3 more hours for my flight back to Mumbai and a much awaited reunion with my wife … gawd … I am so looking forward to meet her. Really missed her for all these weeks.

Telcos - getting Skyped?

First it was simple PC to PC VoIP using P2P technologies as the backbone. Then SkypeOut which enabled users to call other regular Phones using the Skype PC VoIP client and now SkypeIn which gets a local phone number in some countries and allows people with a regular phone to call you using that number (and you can pick the call up using your PC).

How does all this augur for Telcos ? For one, it certainly upsets their Business models because here you have a virtual Telco who is able to cut into your markets and revenues with a fraction of the investments because Skype rides on the billion dollar infrastructure of Fiber and last miles that are already laid out. A typical Disruptive technology…

Probably this looks to be the start of the Age of the Parasites, technologies that leverage upon existing infrastructure but whose consumer offerings are marked by a substantial value for money proposition that would upset the status quo that is Business as usual.